Spoxing is a hybrid creation between spinning & boxing. There are 12, three minute rounds with 30 seconds rest in between. Start out on the spin bikes for the first three rounds, then transition to the bags for the boxing portion plus core. This high intensity workout gets you into a fat-burning zone quicker than any other workout! It's down right Epic!

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Esther Solano has more than five years experience working as a boxing coach to transform clients' lives for the better. She won Best of the Bay in 2011 and 2012. Ryan Sousoures has been working under Esther as a Spoxing/boxing apprentice and has learned much in the past year. Liz Cortez has been boxing since she was 12 years old. Both Ryan and Liz will be certified Spoxing Instructors in Summer 2015.

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Membership Packages include $89/mo unlimited Spoxing classes, Students & Military $79/mo unlimited, or by the class at $25 for one, $95 for five, $175 for 10, and $300 for 20 classes. Also, ask about our special Bridal, Corporate, or Special Event packages for even better discounts!

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"The trainers and staff at Epic were fantastic and really helped me achieve all my goals. I have been working on getting abs for 6 months now and finally have them!"

Jasmine Rogers / Lawyer

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